Three Little Kittens Nursery Rhymes for babies

This is one of the oldest nursery rhymes for children, which is still very popular today. It has roots in the British folk tradition, but it is generally attributed to the American poet, Eliza Lee Cabot Follen. With time, it has gotten absorbed in the Mother Goose Collection.

This song is about three kittens that have lost their mittens who then find their mittens and end up soiling them. In the end of the nursery rhyme, the three little kittens finally get their mother’s approval in the form of a pie.

The first time this nursery rhyme was published was back in 1827 and later in 1843 in the United States. This song for children is a cornerstone in the shift from the typical literature for children as it amuses and entertains. It has come a long way and is still widely popular all over the world. It is available all over the internet where it can be enjoyed by kids of all ages and is present in children’s nursery rhymes books as well as a part of the school’s music curriculum.

The lyrics of this nursery rhyme are very catchy and catch children’s attention easily. The song is also available in a variety of languages with the same tune and meaning. Moreover, there has been further additions to the basic nursery rhyme in many versions, while the classic version is still around and popular.

There are many videos of this nursery rhyme which not only entertain infants and toddlers alike but also aid in their mental growth and development by introducing them to rhymes and to singing. This nursery rhyme also helps children identify positive behavior that is instilled in the kittens by their mother.